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Love At First Sight

Updated: May 30, 2022

Some say it's not possible, that real love doesn't just suddenly captivate our hearts and overwhelm us. The naysayers would probably call that infatuation, a shallow fleeting feeling based on simplistic motives. But I disagree. The first time I saw my baby girl I was immersed with love! And it happened again with my second baby girl and again with my son! Love at first sight is real

and it is not reserved to romantic love or parental love...

The first time I drove onto Hidden Creek Farms, I fell in love. From the mile long dirt driveway with a canopy of trees to the rolling fields, authentic barns, country farm house, and picturesque creek I was captivated. It was early March, when winter is not quite ready to give way to spring and snow flurries were dancing in the air. I remember distinctly absorbing the warmth of the wood burning stove and admiring the woodwork in the old farmhouse. I said, "One day, I would love to own a place just like this!" That love hasn't faded and it wasn't infatuation.

Being the owners

and stewards of this beautiful Eden in the hills of Tennessee for over a year, I am more enamored with the ever changing landscape as seasons create a new beauty to behold. All our labor is a labor of love, never feeling like a burden. Creating new special places for brides and grooms and their families is a pleasure. Everyday I walk outside and am amazed that of all the places in the world, this is where I get to live. The only thing that increases our joy is sharing this Place we love with the People we love.

Thank you for being a part of the Hidden Creek Farm family and letting us share special times and special memories with you.

James & Luana

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Darlene Hellard Adams
Darlene Hellard Adams
06 Sep 2022

Your family is a Godsend for my daughters wedding. The Love and attention to details are just a couple of the many things that make your venue the absolute BEST! We will always love you 😍 and will stay in touch.

Blessings for Luana,BigJames,and Young James.

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