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It Is Finished!!!

Well, that may be an exaggeration or just wishful thinking because when you own a wedding venue nothing is ever finished... So what am I referring to? We now have finished floors, stained and sealed, in our reception barn and they look amazing!

We have been wanting an upgrade to add a touch of finesse to our reception area and these floors have added just that. The rich warm feel of the darker tones marbled with some lighter tones gives the floor added demminsion. Add the shine on the surface with the lights reflecting off the floor and the effect is spectacular.

Besides protecting the floor from oil stains, we are so happy to offer our families a richer warmer environment for their celebration.

No we are not finished with every project and dream we have for Hidden Creek, and we may never be.

Happily we can say that this project has been completed as we look forward to the next project for our brides, grooms, and their families.

Before Staining...

Another Before Pic

After staining and sealing!

What a difference!!!

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