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New Year Brings New Dreams and New Realities…

We had wanted to build on the beauty that already existed at the Hidden Creek Farm ceremony site. The natural surroundings of the meadows and trees combined with the aesthetics of the tobacco barn wood fence provided a perfect background for a ceremony site that is both earthy and grandeur. Our hope was to keep the purity of nature set in rugged elegance. By blending nature with echoes of an archaic cathedral the ceremony site feels organically sacred. Our vision was brought to life with this Tri-sectional Western Red Cedar Arbor, built on a stone shaped patio. It features a gothic cathedral arch and pergola, accented with black hardware. The result was majestic! The brides personal décor preferences of color and style simply enhance the natural beauty of wood and stone. What a beautiful location to begin the amazing journey of sharing life together! We want to thank Stellan Eoin Builders for helping us make this dream a reality!

James & Luana

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